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IPL PhotoRejuvenation Treatment (30 mins)

IPL PhotoRejuvenation Treatment (30 mins)

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The IPL Photorejuvenation Treatment uses light technology to target discolouration + uneven texture in the skin, while healthy cells are left unaffected.

This service provides targeted results to decrease signs of aging such as fine-lines, wrinkles, sun damage + uneven skin tone.

New to IPL? Book your test patch + consultation to discuss the results you want + how many treatments it will take to get you there. At Pure + Simple we are powered by SharpLight, the leader in IPL technology.

Ideal for: Treating fine lines, large pores, dull skin, superficial benign sun damage, superficial benign vascular lesions and boosting collagen production.

For best results: We recommend one treatment per month for 5-8 sessions.

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